Personal / Group Training

Prefer scheduling flexibility? Want your workouts to specifically fit your goals? 

In-Home Coaching

Near or far, we will help you achieve your health and fitness goals where ever you are. Transform your body and your life!

Spartan Group X

Rain or Shine!! No equipment necessary! Just sneakers, water bottle, and your WILL POWER!!

Join Team Aragon

Strength comes in numbers! Race as a Team, supporting and motivating each other all the way to the finish line. 

Our Nutrition Shop

Our products are based on proven nutrition science and include protein shakes and snacks; vitamins and nutritional supplements; sports, energy and fitness drinks; and skin and hair care solutions.


Spartan Aragon Blog

Want to stay updated on the latest in nutrition, excercise, and fun outdoor activities that burn a tons of FAT?     Check our BLOG!